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So now that I have begun my endeavor of making money online I have to start finding the means by which I can gain funds to then drive the purchase of my Robinhood stocks.

Ugh just typing the word making money online reminds me of all those scummy spammy things you see on the internet that tout the ability to make money from home, or in essence just promise free money. This whole experiment, I assure you will not be one of those.
I will not promise the world for doing nothing, but on the other hand there is no way in hell I am going to waste my time trying some sort of awful survey site that pays 30 cents for 30 minutes of time. That kind of money is not worth my time, nor is it worth yours. This brings me to one of the first sites that I have started:
The best way that I can describe is that is a survey site on academic steroids. It is used predominately by universities the world over the collect data sets and perform academic surveys.

When you sign up on any o…

Step one is Step two: Revenue Amplification

So the journey for this, well, journey, I think plays out like this.

Step 1. Figure how to make outside money using the plethora of technologies that we have at our fingertips. Whether this is beer money, focus group money, online money or random money I am going to seek it out, try it, and then go from there with what works and what is a nightmare.

Step 2. Determine ways to amplify this initial pipeline into a stronger revenue base that can then be aggressively applied elsewhere. Ruling out straight up gambling because, while I am not risk adverse, I still want to be able to play this game for as long as I find it amusing.
Step 3. ???????? Like I said this is a journey (join me wont ya?) so I have no idea what the step is.

Step 4. Profit and go from pennies to Porsche(s).

Seems simple enough right? Yea sure, except for the fact that I don't have a damn clue what the hell to do.   

So here is what I did. I started at step 2 because I've never been one to follow instructions e…